HY3+ has kicked off

HY3+ has kicked off

The follow-up of HY3HY3+, has had its official kick off in Rotterdam on the 23rd of November. In this program we (TNO and Arcadis, together with the HY3+ partners) aim to identify the robustness of our joint hydrogen network (incl. storage) for secure supply of hydrogen throughout the build-up of the network. 

This new program is a logical next step after HY3 and contains:

  • More hydrogen sources: Import, Blue H2, Offshore produced green H2
  • More geographical scope: Netherlands, Belgium, (Luxemburg), Germany (complete)
  • More detailed network model (dynamic, time and spatial transient)
  • More non-technical aspects (full PESTLE)

A short description of the program can already be found below. If you wish to participate, please contact us through the contact form.

In the next weeks, we will update this website accordingly.